Horse riders help rescue trapped woman

NEAR MOLALLA, Ore. -- The group of horse riders had three or four loops to choose from that they usually ride their horses on for training Wednesday.

They just happened to pick the right one that led them to Joan Zuber. Husband and wife Clarence and Mary Nunn, Robbi Ogren and a fourth rider were out training for trail riding endurance competition that they do every year.

During their ride, they heard Joan Zuber's voice in the distance.

"There was four of us taking some horses out to work and got out on a clear-cut," says Mary Nunn. "Bobbi and Calli heard somebody yelling 'help!' So we stopped to try to figure out where they were at."

Bobbi Ogren was the first to reach Zuber and didn't realize what had happened.

"I didn't know what was going on at first," Ogren says. "And when we got up to the pickup and I saw her arm under the hood, I went, 'oh my gosh."

Then they had to figure out how to unlatch the pickup truck's hood.

"We couldn't get the hood to come loose ... the grille was different than what it was supposed to be," says Clarence Nunn. "Then I seen the hammer and I was able to pry it up enough for her to get her hand out."

Mary Nunn remembers how calm and centered Joan Zuber was during the whole ordeal.

"She's kept her cool the whole time so - she's a very strong lady," Nunn says.

The horse riders all feel something drew them toward the loop they chose.

"I feel like we have an angel on our shoulder most of the time!!!" says Mary Nunn. "Sometimes he has a lot of trouble keeping up."

Robbi Ogren agrees: "Definitely meant to be."