Hot weather but dangerously cold water

The temperature hit the 80s Wednesday in Portland, but the water temperature in most rivers is only about half that and dangerous for anyone who goes in unprepared.

"It's very dangerous for you and your family to be here," Brandon Paxton, spokesperson for Clackamas Fire Department told KATU.

He and rescue crews with the department went out on the Clackamas River with KATU's Emily Sinovic after she put on a dry suit and was warned -- the water was going to be cold.

With temperatures this cold, it only takes a few minutes before the body starts to shut down.

"If you get in there your system takes a shock effect and you can't rescue yourself," Paxton said. He went on to add, "The cold water kind of shocks their body and then they panic. That causes increased respiratory rate which means they might inhale more water."

Rescue crews are ready for emergency calls with the weather expected to be even warmer Thursday.

Clackamas Fire Department also recommends always wearing a life jacket anytime you are near the water and never going out on the water alone.