House for sale targeted by burglars

PORTLAND, Ore. - Isaac Priestley and his wife spent their Saturday night cleaning up after two men who smashed through their back door.

"Every single drawer of the house is pulled out," Priestley said. "Everything is ripped out of the closets. All the clothes are out, all the drawers are pulled out and flipped upside down."

Isaac was out kayaking when his wife got home from work. She was expecting to have the place to herself but instead says she saw two men tearing through her house.

"They kicked in the door, so clearly it was a pretty scary situation for her to see people moving around in the house and for her to know they were burglars," Priestley said.

Priestley thinks they may have been targeted because of a for-sale sign on the street, leading the burglars to believe the house was empty.

Police got to the 1400 block of S.W. College quickly enough to catch Ryan Wilson and Dustin Shannon and say they still had some of that stolen property with them.

Isaac said he regrets not dead-bolting the back door that was kicked in. He said he has never felt threatened in this neighborhood before but now he's thinking about beefing up security while his house is on the market.