Hundreds gather on Columbia River to protest fossil fuel terminals

PORTLAND, Ore. - Hundreds of people lined the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia River on Saturday to protest plans to build fossil fuel terminals nearby.

Nearly 200 protesters in boats also formed a symbolic blockade in the river under the bridge.

Several protesters repelled off the bridge to hang a large banner that said "Coal, oil, gas, none shall pass."

Saturday's protest was one of several national protests against fossil fuels.

Earlier this week, the Port of Vancouver approved a plan to build a 360,000-barrel-per-day oil terminal.

"Our communities and our climate cannot afford any expansion in polluting fossil fuel infrastructure" said Meredith Cocks of the group Portland Rising Tide. "We took action today because we know it is our moral responsibility to draw the line and halt projects that aim to turn the Pacific Northwest into a fossil fuel corridor."

Protesters removed the banner and left the bridge by 4:30 p.m.

There's no word if any of the protesters was arrested.