Hundreds march on Occupy Portland anniversary

PORTLAND, Ore. - Hundreds of protesters marched through Portland Saturday marking the one-year anniversary of Occupy Portland's march through downtown.

On Oct. 6, 2011, thousands of protesters marched against bank bailouts and economic imbalance. They followed the march by camping in downtown parks for over a month.

Saturday, however, protesters marched for several different reasons. Many marchers told KATU News they were protesting the war in Afghanistan.

"I'm just totally opposed to the wars and American foreign policy in general," one protester said.

In addition to the Occupy anniversary, Saturday also marked the 11th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan.

"Maybe economics is the root of it," said another protester. "You can also say environmental issues, women's issues, gay rights issues. They're all interconnected. They all deal with justice and inequality."

Police said the march went smoothly.