Hundreds of passengers rerouted to PDX after crash at SFO

PORTLAND, Ore. - Sunday was a busy day at the Portland International Airport.

Hundreds of people headed for San Francisco on Saturday were rerouted to Portland after an Asiana Airlines flight with more than 300 people on board crashed onto the runway while landing at the San Francisco airport.

John Ho and his wife Chan Hing planned to fly from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, but their flight was canceled after the crash. They spent the night in the San Francisco airport before flying to Portland early Sunday morning.

"There's no flight anywhere," said Chan Hing Ho. "This is the first. The first available they have."

"I don't know exactly the location of Portland," John Ho said. "How far east, west, north or south."

"We just know we're in Portland. We'll stay here and then take the flight to go back," Chan Hing Ho said.

The couple said they received a voucher for a hotel room. They are scheduled on a Monday flight to Washington, D.C.

A spokesperson with the National Transportation Safety Board said they are working to get the San Francisco airport back to full strength.

Leslie Bishop had plans to arrive in Hawaii on Saturday.

"Going to see my husband who is in the Navy and the kids haven't seen him in five months," Bishop said.

Bishop and her kids were on a flight from London to San Francisco. They were stuck for the night in Portland on Saturday, along with hundreds of others, waiting for hotel vouchers.

"I was just feeling very grateful that wasn't my plane," she said. "They've booked me on Hawaiian Airlines tomorrow morning direct so we'll get to see him by lunch time tomorrow."

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KATU's Dan Cassuto and Erica Nochlin contributed to this story.