"I am not guilty!" says accused coffee-shop flasher

SHERWOOD, Ore. -- The man accused of being the "Coffee Shop Flasher" wrote on his Facebook page that police have the wrong man.

"I AM NOT GUILTY!" wrote Robert Martin.

Martin wrote a 1,500-word statement and asked KATU News to read the entire post on television when we met him at his house in Sherwood.

The unedited statement is posted below.

"I don't want my words misconstrued," said Martin, who was arrested on Saturday and charged with 10 counts of first-degree public indecency.

Lake Oswego and Tualatin police accused him of exposing himself on multiple occasions at drive-through coffee shops.

Detectives say surveillance video led to a tip that helped them find the car, and that led them to Martin.

"I would appreciate if you would read that statement in its entirety and give it the same news coverage you gave the victim," said Martin, hiding behind his door the whole time, referring to the Starbucks cashier we interviewed who said she was a victim of the flasher.

When informed a 1,500-word statement was simply too long to read on TV, Martin declined to appear on camera.

Meanwhile, detectives are trying to track down a woman who lived with Martin at his house on Sherwood and ran a daycare center there.

Marina Wagner had a state license to run a daycare facility.

KATU News left messages for Wagner at her home and work telephone numbers, but did not receive a reply.

The detective assigned to the case said Martin is not suspected of any wrongdoing related to the daycare.

Police say they want to question Wagner, who may now use the name Marina Salas, to learn more about Martin's character during the time they lived together.



FOR THE RECORD ... First of all.. my deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and all of those of who have been impacted by these events.. including my family.. friends.. and loved ones... Secondly.. I do have the upmost respect for the law and do understand that the men and women who enforce the law.. do in fact have a job to do... However.. I think as a society.. we really do have to ask what has happened to due process.. respect.. and courtesy for all of the parties involved ?... To give you all a glimpse of things through my eyes.. on Saturday morning 1/4/2014.. I was approached at my home by two detectives... They made it very clear that they believed beyond a reasonable doubt that I was their man and that I needed to confess in order for this to all go smoothly.. "what ever that means..." Anyway.. I told them that I would not confess to something that I did not do.. just to have it all go smoothly.. "again.. what ever that means..." I was then told that I would be placed under arrest if I would not confess... We all waited until a uniform officer arrived... I was cuffed.. perp walked through my neighborhood to a patrol car parked down the street.. and then taken to the Tualatin Police Station.. never ever having my Miranda Rights read to me... I waited in a holding cell at Tualatin until I was transported to the Washington County Jail... I was processed and waiting to be housed when I was asked to come to the counter and told that my bail had been posted... At that time.. I could now see the charges listed... Once again.. I would like to make it very clear that no one ever read me my Miranda Rights.. or disclosed to me what the charges were going to be during this whole process... After being released.. it came to my attention very quickly that my name and picture was all over the news and that I had already been burnt at the stake... The witch hunt was now over!.. and I was now their man without any reasonable doubt... "Guilty!.. until proven innocent..." However.. from the research that I have done after being released from lockup.. the only description of the suspect that I can find before that I was arrested.. is of a fat man with a large pot belly.. with thin blonde hair.. or brown hair with a hat... I have heard no mention of any facial hair "?" ... For those of you who know me.. know that I have had a goatee and sideburns for many years... As far as I know.. I have never ever had anyone described me as a fat man with a large pot belly... I guess now that the sights are set on me.. that all goes out the window and we now have a new description of the suspect.. or should I say.. "me.. the sicko pervert monster..." I really do hope that the victims do in fact take the time to look at my picture.. and truly ask themselves.. if in fact that they are 100% positive that I am the man that they saw beyond a reasonable doubt.. or am I just the man that they think that they saw.. due to the pre-programming or suggestion of the media coverage "?" ... Studies have demonstrated that the mind can very easily be influenced by repeat pre-programming or media persuasion... As far as the car.. from what I have seen.. I would speculate that it very well may be the same make and model... As far as a missing gas lid.. I do not know.. I did not see that in the video... However.. yes.. my car did have a missing gas lid.. which is a big problem on that make and model of car... I have seen many missing.. broken.. or replaced lids with different colors of paint on that same make and model of car... The gas lid is made out of plastic and has broken and fallen off many of times... "Sometimes.. things just are not what they appear to be!".. "So yes!.. I do in fact also fell a bit violated myself..." With that being said.. for those who truly know me and know my heart.. they know that I would never ever intentionally hurt anyone.. but only in self defense... And for all of you haters.. "Rejoice!.. Justice Has Been Served!".. I now feel as dirty.. disgusting.. and as vial as the media has made me out be... Vindicated or not.. my reputation is forever ruined.. and I could very likely remain unemployed and homeless until the day that I leave this fallen world... I was not always this worthless piece of (s---) that the haters are making me out to be.. I owned and operated a very successful business and employed many people for quite some years... When the economy crashed and it was clear that I no longer had a viable business.. I did my very best to get all of my employees.. subcontractors.. and vendors paid in full... No!.. I am no saint.. just merely a mortal man trying very hard each and every day to do the right thing and to figure out how to navigate our decaying society... As a child of our heavenly father.. I have been asking how this can all be happening... The only answers I have as of yet.. is that those who truly walk with Christ will walk through the fire and their convictions will repeatedly be tested.. and that God works in ways that are beyond our understanding... At the very least.. maybe this will become a dialog for where we are as a society and where we are really headed... For those of you who have already made up their mind.. rest assured.. I am seeking help each and every day.. as I pray that each and every one of you do the same... Let me remind you.. no one!.. absolutely no one!.. is immune... Your life can be destroyed and changed forever in a split second.. or it can be slowly dismantled over a period of time through a series of events... Understand this.. The Devil is in the details.. and he only comes to steal.. kill.. and destroy peoples lives... He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.. and he is very real... Each and every one of us.. must really ask ourselves what have we become as a people.. and what has become of the world that we all now live in ?... Why are we all so quick to pass judgment and share gossip ?... Why do we idolize poor behavior from our so called elite elect.. entertainers.. artist.. actors.. sports figures.. etc.. yet we condemn our fellow brother or sister for the same types of behaviors... Not to sound judgmental or be a source of gossip.. but when you hear about all of the high profile people and their cases.. like of Mayor Sam Adams.. Anthony Weiner.. Miley Cyrus.. Kony 2012 Director Jason Russell.. Michael Jackson.. Bill Clinton.. Etc.. and the list goes on and on... It would appear to me that the media sensationalizes that behavior and implies that it is completely socially acceptable if you are one of the elite class.. but not if you are of the simple day to day working class... It really is of no surprise to me why we seem to have so many people losing their way... Our world is bleeding badly and things are becoming more and more crazy each and every day... We must truly ask ourselves if this progressive liberal ideology and police state mentality is really serving we the peoples best interests ?... Most importantly.. we must ask ourselves if pushing God out of our society is helping us.. or really only hurting us ?... I am not hear to preach.. but after seeing things from this side of the fence.. I now realize that it is only a matter of time that our society becomes completely divided.. slowly devouring one and another... I feel so utterly sick and completely uncertain about my future journeys.. but must have faith and trust that my lord and savior Jesus Christ will continue to see me through my dark valleys and bring me out to the other side... Now that I have released this statement.. I ask that the media please respect my family's privacy and do not show up at my residence any longer.. as I have nothing more to say at this time... I may post some more of my thoughts at a later time.. but as of now I am trying to get my affairs into order... Once again.. please respect our privacy... Thank you!.. for those of you who took the time to read this... May peace be with you all.. God Bless!.. Over & Out...