"I did not pee in the water"

In an exclusive interview with KATU News, the 19-year-old accused of peeing in the Mount Tabor Reservoir claims he didn't pee in the water.

You see, Dallas Swonger says he peed against the wall.

His actions prompted the city of Portland to flush away 38 million gallons water - a move that's caused controversy across the United States.

Here's a transcript of his interview on Friday with KATU News Reporter Emily Sinovic:

Swonger: You cannot see me peeing in the water.

Emily: Did you tell your friends you were going to?

Swonger: Yes. They were like "dude I dare you to pee in the water." I went up to the water but I didn't. I peed against the wall.

Emily: Do you apologize.

Swonger: Yeah I apologize. I didn't want all of this to go down I didn't know it was going to get national ...all of this for nothing... they are dumb for flushing all of that water.

Emily: Are you embarrassed at all?

Swonger: Kind of. Not much. I mean I'm really sorry this all happened. But what can you do about it? It happened. I can't just rewind time.

Emily: Were you drinking at all?

Swonger: Nope.

Emily: Stone cold sober?

Swonger: Stone cold sober.

Emily: Scout's honor you did not pee in the water?

Swonger: Scout's honor (I) did not pee in the water.