'I was playing with my iPad, he swiped it and then ran off'

PORTLAND, Ore. - It's a type of theft that happens so often on TriMet that police have given it a nickname - 'Apple Picking.'

Criminals grab Apple products like iPhones and iPads and then jump off the train right as the doors open.

In the latest theft, a couple of young men stole an iPad from a deaf man while he was riding a MAX train.

Gary Meierotto said it all started when he tried to tell one of the men, who had brought a bike on board the train, to stop bouncing a tire on the floor.

Meierotto couldn't hear the noise, but the vibration was bothering him. So he asked the man to quiet down, but the guy and his buddy started taunting him until the train stopped at Northeast 102nd and Burnside. And then they took his iPad.

"I was playing with my iPad, he swiped it and then ran off," Meierotto said.

Police are searching for the suspects and Meierotto hopes he'll get his iPad back. He relies on it to video chat with his family.

As far as the 'Apple Picking' crime trend on TriMet, police have caught more than 50 suspects to date.

TriMet surveillance photo of the suspects who stole Gary Meierotto's iPad and then fled.