Ice cream, french fries and a busted-up face

PORTLAND, Ore. - Would you like some stitches with that?

A husband and wife said they were attacked by five teenage boys after a brief confrontation at a McDonald's in Northeast Portland on Monday afternoon.

Nicholas and Taylor Ellis stopped by the restaurant near Northeast 39th and Hancock for some ice cream on the scorching hot day.

They said the boys came in around 4 p.m., caused a ruckus and didn't order any food. The manager threatened to call 911 if the boys didn't leave, and Nicholas said he yelled across the restaurant for them to "just shut up and just leave."

The boys left, but they didn't go far.

As the Ellises were bicycling away a few minutes later, they stopped for a car at NE 36th and Hancock when the boys jumped Nicholas, pushed him off his bike and attacked him.

"They would all just come up, just one at a time, and either punch or kick him," Taylor said.

She said she threw down her bike and ran to cover her husband's head - taking a couple blows to the shoulder for her trouble - but Nicholas was left with loose teeth, a loose jaw and a badly damaged eye. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he spent several hours.

"(My eye is) just so swollen that I see through my eyelashes," he said.

The couple contacted KATU because they're hoping to track down the five boys. The employee supervisor at the restaurant said only the manager is authorized to release surveillance video of the incident, and the manager didn't return KATU's calls Tuesday.

"I didn't really understand that me telling them to just be quiet and leave was gonna result in me getting an ambulance ride to the hospital and stitches, and my wife being scared to death," Nicholas said.