'I'll be back in five minutes.' But life ends in car wreck

JEFFERSON, Ore. - He was supposed to be back in five minutes.

Nicolas Jolly, 19, got off work early the day he died. It surprised his mom, Karin, when he came home so soon. A short time later a couple of his friends came by the house and wanted him to go for a car ride.

Karin didn't want her son to go.

"I don't know, I'm a mom," she said Tuesday during an interview.

But he left, saying he'd be back in five minutes. But 10 or 15 minutes later Karin heard the sirens.

"My husband and I looked at each other. ... My husband said, 'That doesn't sound good.'"

Nicolas was killed when he lost control of the car he was driving last Saturday on Valley View Road Southeast near Duck Flat Road. It hit a power pole and broke in half. Sheriff's deputies found the two pieces about 100 feet apart when they got to the scene at 9 p.m.

Two others who were in the car with Nicolas were injured.

Juan Barrera and Brandon Curtiss, both also 19, told deputies Nicolas was driving between 90 and 100 mph before the crash. Curtiss had minor injuries, but Barrera's injuries were more serious.

On that night, Karin learned her son's friends were in the hospital. But at the same time she also learned her son wasn't.

His brother, Chris, got to his parents' house just as police delivered the bad news.

"It's like your worst fears - just hits you," Chris said. "You're not expecting to hear that."

Now the family is clutching onto memories and every moment they did have with him.

They're trying to understand how their loved one - someone known around town as hardworking, caring and outgoing - could make just one mistake by speeding up a dangerous hill that cost him his life.

"He's probably gone over that road 100 times," said Chris. "Me, my friends, everyone has. We've all hit that hill in high school."

The family is now trying to accept that Nicholas won't be walking through the door or standing next to Chris and his fiance as the best man at their wedding in just three weeks.

"He might not be standing next to me, but he'll be there," Chris said.

The family wanted to share their story to let people know what a good kid Nicolas was, and that he was known and liked around the community.

Both of Nicolas' friends are now home from the hospital.