Illegal fireworks cause large house fire

PORTLAND, Ore- The flames were so intense neighbors ran out of their homes to see what was going on.

Investigators say it was an illegal firework that sparked the blaze. Even though a house was going up in flames, you can hear several people were still shooting off those same fireworks in video shot by neighbors.

"It was pretty wild seeing all the other illegal fireworks going off throughout the neighborhood while this is going on. It was like no one seemed to know what was happening or seemed to care," said Jesse Garner.

Garner lives right across the street and captured video of the fire on his phone.

"I was definitely frustrated. It makes me glad I was home last night. Makes me glad I insure my house, but I'm ready to move - I will say that," Garner said.

Neighbors say it's a rental house that's been vacant for a few months.

Garner is just hoping that if any of his neighbors have some of those fireworks left, they will think twice about shooting them off so close to crowded neighborhoods.

"Be more smart about where you're doing it. Try not to do it near homes if it's windy. Get away from an area, make sure you have water and dirt and you put them out when you're done," Garner said.

Authorities say they ticketed 100 people for illegal fireworks on July 4. Those fines will cost you $1,000.