Images released of suspects vandalizing homes at Woodburn country club

WOODBURN, Ore. -- Vandals targeted homes in a Woodburn senior community for the third time in two years.

Residents living in the Estates Golf and Country Club were cleaning up graffiti on their homes, cars and golf carts Wednesday morning.

"I felt invaded, I felt invaded that somebody was on my porch and destroying my property," said Joseph Kara.

Police released surveillance images and video of the suspects Thursday.

More than 16 incidents of vandalism, including cut cable wires and graffiti, were reported. Several houses, vehicles and golf carts were spray-painted with silver and yellow paint.

The incidents happened on homes between Cascade Drive and Oregon Way.

"We have a neighborhood watch program set up but obviously it is not working because this is happening too often," said Paula Kilgore.

The graffiti included swastikas, four letter words and messages telling seniors to move away.

While some residents received notes stating it was authored by "employees" of Woodburn's Public Works Department.

In a news release, the Woodburn Police Department said the note in question did not come from, nor was it authorized by the city.

The city is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible. The city would like to encourage anyone with information to call Woodburn police at 503-982-2345.

Surveillance Video 1:

Surveillance Video 2: