Is the Adidas Springblade the next blockbuster running shoe?

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Adidas on Monday pulled back the curtain on a futuristic running shoe that features 16 individually tuned springs.

The shoe known as the Springblade will retail for $180 at major retailers starting on Aug. 1.

"We'll make quite a bit of noise with this product," said Mikal Peveto, Adidas director of running. "No one has ever seen anything like it."

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Peveto said the aesthetics of the shoe are matched by its performance. The springs are designed to propel runners forward.

"You can't dance around the fact that this is very, very, very unique visually," he said. "But the payoff to me comes when you try it on. It feels amazing underfoot. I feel like it's levitating."

The shoe is made for men and women. The springs in each size are tuned differently based on the size of an average runner.

"There's been a void of true true innovation in this category in a number of years," Peveto said.

Adidas plans a big marketing push for the shoe, including a partnership with the action movie "The Wolverine," which is due in theaters this summer.

Springblade is the second big production innovation in the running category this year for Adidas. Earlier this year it released Boost, another technology designed to return energy to the runner.

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