It's hot outside, but remember that cold water presents an extra danger

PORTLAND, Ore. - Extra river patrols are out this weekend warning folks to be careful because even the warmest rivers are still 20 degrees below body temperature.

KATU rode along with Multnomah County Sheriff's Office river patrol. Sergeant Steve Dangler said, "When you're body is 98 degrees and you're in the water, it's extremely cold. It's one thing to have your feet and knees in the water, but it's another thing to have your body fully immersed in it. What you don't want to do is overestimate you abilities."

The Willamette River was about 74 degrees today, but the smaller rivers like the Clackamas were at least ten degrees cooler. Sgt. Dangler said he and other river patrols would be out in full force this weekend to watch out for folks who overestimate their ability to swim in water that can start to wear down your body after just a few minutes.

"People may have the wrong impression because of how warm it is outside. The fact is becomes more of a shock because you're hot or over heated and then you put yourself in the cold water."

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