It's like a giant birthday party - only the exact opposite

OREGON CITY, Ore. -- April Krubel celebrated her 41st birthday by giving away 41 gifts to total strangers.

She walked into a K-Mart and paid off layaway balances.

She walked into a Target and put $1 bills in the aisles.

She walked into the public library with cookies for librarians.


Why not?

Krubel said she got the idea when someone approached her with a "reverse" birthday gift.

For her 41st birthday, she went around town with a group of family and friends doing 41 acts of kindness.

"We're just going around spreading love," she said. "It was really easy to come up with 41 things."

Click the play button above to watch the video and see how a young mother reacted when she found out April paid the balance off her layaway bill. And click play below to watch a random act of kindness for KATU's Anna Canzano.