It's official - 2017 holds wettest February on record for PDX

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Rose City is rounding out the month with a new record February rainfall total.

PDX reached the last day of February with 10.34 inches of rain, breaking the previous record of a trace over 10 inches set in 1996.

The rain is measured at the Portland International Airport, where they’ve only been recording data since 1940.

Portland is nearly a foot above average on precipitation totals for the water year, which starts Oct. 1 and ends Sept. 30. So far, the total is 34.2 inches, up from the average of 22.5 that we are usually at by the end of February.

All that heavy rain has caused several landslides and some flooding across the region.

KATU Meteorologist Rhonda Shelby said there’s more wet weather on the horizon.

“We’re looking at another wet weather pattern heading into March,” Shelby said. “Models show steady, heavier rain moving in later Thursday and Friday, and continuing through the weekend.”

Shelby said the winter weather isn’t over for people in the higher elevations. The snow level is expected to drop to about 1,000 feet at the start of next week.

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