'It's really cool to think that we're having an impact on the gay community'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Homecoming at Cleveland High School is still making headlines weeks later, but it's not because of something that happened on the football field.

Rather, the attention is on the senior class princesses on the homecoming court.

This year the senior class voted for a same-sex couple to be their princesses. It was a first for the school, although Sophie Schoenfeld and Laurel Osborne weren't setting out to make a statement.

"Our friends would come up to us and be like 'we voted for you' and we were like 'oh really?'" Schoenfeld said. "It was an honor that our classmates would vote for us. We thought that was really cool."

The girls didn't think it was a big deal at first. In fact, Schoenfeld forgot to tell her parents they were featured on the front page of the school's newspaper.

But now that people are talking about it outside the school, the girls are excited to be role models.

"It's really cool to think that we're having an impact on the gay community," Schoenfeld said. "It's exciting."

"I'll definitely remember this for a long time," Osborne said. "We're getting lots of recognition from a lot of people, which is really cool."

The girls said they have never felt bullied at criticized at school and have great support from their families.

Their story has even spread across the globe; the British newspaper The Daily Mail wrote about it.

Jan Watt, the special projects coordinator at the high school, said students electing a same-sex couple to the homecoming court says "wonderful things about Cleveland and its community."

"These are two likeable human beings, they're a great couple, they're very supportive of the school and of each other and they've got great friends," Watt said. "They're selected like every other homecoming couple are - because kids in their class like them."