It's time to complain about the heat instead of the rain

PORTLAND, Ore. - Here's the short version: It's going to be really hot and humid for a while.

Temperatures are forecast to reach 88 degrees Friday afternoon, with a heat index - which factors in the humidity - that could approach 95.

Things will mostly just get hotter from there, stretching into next week.

Daytime high temperatures will hover around 90 over the weekend, and could reach high in the 90s on Monday in Tuesday, with heat indexes at 100.

That, of course, can lead to two perennial problems - heat stroke and fires.

Some tips for dealing with both:

Staying cool

Fire prevention

  • Dispose of cigarettes properly in non-combustible ashtrays or extinguish them in water or sand. In Oregon, cigarettes start one in ten fires statewide.
  • When using barbeque grills, maintain clearance from combustible decks, fences, and vegetation. Allow ashes to completely cool and then dispose of them in metal containers. Barbeque ashes can maintain ignition temperatures for many hours, even if the surface is cool to touch.
  • Avoid using welding, grinding, or mowing equipment near dry weeds and grass.
  • Avoid parking vehicles in dry, weedy areas. The temperature of vehicle exhaust components can easily ignite dry grass and weeds.
  • Don't overload electrical outlets with portable fans, air conditioners, or extension cords.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher, water hose, or bucket handy in the event a fire occurs.
  • Observe no-burn regulations.
  • Use only legal fireworks and maintain safe distances from combustibles. Follow the "4-B's" of fireworks safety (Be Prepared, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Aware).