Junior Joy Team spreads kindness at Vancouver City Hall

VANCOUVER, Wash. - While most people focus on their sweetheart for Valentine's Day, a group of kids decided to do a "random act of kindness" for 260 people Monday.

Kellen Larsen and his seven friends are the Junior Joy Team. The team came to the Vancouver City Hall to learn about the staff and what they do there. But the visit was also a chance for the kids to teach the grown-ups something. All 260 employees got a handmade gift bag.

The goal was to spread joy and optimism and encourage everyone to love their lives.

"This is amazing," said Barbara Ayres about the bag Kellen made for her. "I can't tell you the last time I had a handmade card from a kid."

"I was just thinking about good ideas to put in the cards," Kellen said. "Like this one, I put 'You're wonderful' with a smiley face."

Kellen's mom, Michele, organized the group.

"To see the response that happens when you share some joy with somebody, that's kind of addictive and then they're gonna want to do it some more," she said.

The Junior Joy Team hopes its goodwill will catch on and more kids will join the cause. The group plans to visit other organizations around town like the police, the hospitals and firefighters.

Contact the Junior Joy Team by calling Michele McKeag Larsen at 503-724-7442 or emailing her at