Jury finds woman guilty in attack on gay couple walking pink dog

A jury found a 23-year-old woman guilty Wednesday for her role in the attack last year on a gay couple who were walking a pink poodle.

The jury of 12 people found Saraya Sophia Lisa Gardner guilty on one count of obstruction of justice.

Her husband, 23-year-old George Allen Mason Jr. is accused of striking a gay man with a crowbar and hurling gay slurs at him March 1. The attacked happened at 185th and Evergreen next to a busy strip mall.

The victim, 26-year-old David Beltier, gave an interview to KATU in March and said he was happy to be alive.

Beltier said he and his boyfriend, Jeremy Mark, were on a walk with their pink poodle "Beauty" - one of three colorful dogs dyed with Kool-Aid for Easter. Beltier said he dyed the dogs for fun.

Gardner's attorney, Thomas Coan, said after the verdict that he and his client were a little bit surprised and disappointed by the verdict.

"We think the government didn't have the evidence necessary to prove Ms. Gardner's intent in this case," he said, adding that he believes some of the evidence presented in the case tainted the jury.

"There was evidence of homophobic slurs that we didn't think was relevant that could have tainted the jury or prejudiced the jury against Ms. Gardner," he said.

He said his client might consider asking for a new trial and will appeal the verdict.

Gardner is expected to be sentenced May 12.

Jury selection for Mason's trial is expected to start soon and his trial will likely begin Thursday.