Jury: Skibowl not responsible for teen snowboarder's death

PORTLAND, Ore. - A jury has decided Mt. Hood Skibowl should not be held responsible for a 17-year-old snowboarder's tragic death nearly two years ago.

Taylur DeWolf died in January of 2012, when she hit a tree while riding down Skibowl's Dog Leg run. Her family sued the resort because they said the run, which is labelled as intermediate, actually has technical sections that should be considered as expert-level terrain, which was above Taylur's skill level.

Taylur's family says she would have avoided any expert run. They say she knew the risks, but Mt. Hood Skibowl didn't identify them correctly.

But a Multnomah County jury sided with Mt. Hood Skibowl, ruling that it's the responsibility of skiers and snowboarders to maintain reasonable control when they go down a run.

"The most important lesson to be learned from this case is that skiers and snowboarders have to maintain reasonable control when they go down a run -- that is what this case was really about," said Mt. Hood Skibowl representative Brad Stanford.

Skiers and snowboarders agree in principle that they accept risks when they put on their lift tickets. The tickets have disclaimers and warnings on the back. There are also warnings on ski resort signs. Those warnings imply that snow sports are dangerous and that participants assume all risks.

The jury verdict will be entered as a formal judgment. DeWolf's family has 30 days from that date to appeal if they chose to do so.