Kelso family wonders who is trying to kill their dogs

KELSO, Wash. - A Kelso, Washington family said they recently discovered anti-freeze and meat stuffed with shards of glass in their backyard.

Bob Elder says the traps were clearly meant for his four dogs, who fortunately didn't find them and were not injured.

Elder said he found 20 pieces of sausage cut into identical pieces, with chunks of glass mixed in.

Elder said someone threw the deadly dog treats over his 8-foot tall fence.

Had a dog eaten a piece of the sausage, the glass shards could have cut up the dog's intestinal tract during digestion, possibly causing the dog to bleed to death internally.

Elder also found a plastic bottle full of anti-freeze.

"Plastic bottles and sticks are their two favorite toys," Elder said of his dogs. "[The suspect] would have to know that and they put the anti-freeze in there in hopes that the dog would bite through and kill them."

Anti-freeze is toxic and usually fatal to dogs and most animals if they drink it.

Elder said he hopes police can find some finger prints on the shards of glass.

He said he's planning on installing motion-sensing lights and cameras so if something like this ever happens again, he can catch the suspects in the act.