Kids' rain boot project is a bust after China factory can't fill orders

PORTLAND, Ore. - A group of elementary school kids who worked hard this year to design their very own rain boots and market them through Kickstarter got a big disappointment.

We first told you about the project at Buckman Elementary over the summer. It was taught as an after-school class by dad Arild Dietrichson, who also happens to be a shoe designer.

A factory in China was supposed to fill the orders and the kids had planned to deliver their rain boots by the end of October. But the factory suffered a financial loss and cannot complete the order.

Dietrichson just returned from China last week and tried to salvage the project, but he wasn't able to make it happen. He and the kids are now refunding money to folks who had bought into the idea on Kickstarter.

Dietrichson said this is a big disappointment for not only he and his partner in the project, but obviously for the kids.