Killer's description may hang on Laube's last words

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Investigators told KATU Friday that what Nicole Laube was able to say during her final breaths may be the best description of her killer they'll get.

Last Tuesday afternoon someone tracked down Laube, who was working at the Timber Creek Apartments passing out fliers, and stabbed her to death.

Investigators said she tried to get away and ran about 100 to 150 yards before collapsing in a breezeway, where a neighbor found her and heard her describe her killer.

"I don't think it was in a press release, but it was given out that day that she had told the person where she went to seek help that the suspect - basically, what she said was, he stabbed me - so we knew it was a man - and he was wearing a black or dark hoodie and camouflaged pants," said Sgt. David Thompson, with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. "If we had more information now to try and find that person that she'd given us, we would put that out."

As to how much she said, what else she told that neighbor and how long she was conscious, investigators are keeping those details quiet right now.

But detectives were calling and interviewing neighbors as recently as the past day or two, telling them they are making progress but still asking for tips. Detectives said the case is the Number One priority in their unit.

Laube's friends have started a reward fund, hoping to find her killer. They had raised about $10,000 by Friday afternoon. If you'd like to contribute, click here.