Lake Oswego superintendent retiring after 27 years

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. -- This time he really is retiring. Bill Korach, the Superintendent of the Lake Oswego School District, will step down at the end of the school year.

He announced plans to retire in 2011 but the Lake Oswego School Board convinced him to continue leading the District on a post-retirement contract.

He ended up agreeing to two such contracts. He received his PERS benefit of $20,000 a month while working post-retirement. Because of the laws governing PERS, his income from the District was limited and he donated that salary to the district.

His replacement was announced Monday night by the District. Heather Beck is currently the Chief Academic Officer of Jeffco Public Schools in Colorado. That district has 85,000 students.

There were 6,805 students enrolled in the Lake Oswego District as of Oct. 2013.

Korach has been the Superintendent in Lake Oswego since 1987. Beck takes over for Korach on July 1.