Landslide closes Historic Columbia River Hwy at Rowena Loop

Photo of the slide on Highway 30, which happened near the iconic Rowena Crest curves - ODOT and KATU photos

ROWENA, Ore. – Landslide debris is blocking the Historic Columbia River Highway (Highway 30) near Rowena Loop, the Oregon Dept. of Transportation said.

The slide, reported on Monday afternoon, is about 200 feet long and 125 feet wide.

ODOT expects it will take about two to three weeks to clear the debris from the highway and shore up the hillside.

The Rowena Crest viewpoint and Mayer State Park are popular destinations, especially in the spring, as the area has an incredible view of wildflowers in the Tom McCall Preserve. You can still reach the viewpoint by heading east on Highway 30 through Mosier.

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