Laptops, webcams and rock and roll

PORTLAND, Ore. - Nearly a thousand people showed up for the opening of Microsoft's new downtown store on Thursday.

They were, of course, Weezer fans.

The store's grand opening drew a huge crowd on a cold, rainy morning, thanks in large part to the 1,000 free tickets it was offering to the rock band's concert on Friday at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

So, was anybody there for the store itself?

"Yeah I'm here for Microsoft," said Elizabeth Goodrich, before coming clean. "No I'm here for Weezer, I'm a huge fan.

"But I'll look around - who knows?"

Some arrived before sunset Wednesday night, camping out on a sidewalk with the band's music blasting in the background.

"It was great 'til the rain started," said Andrew Rothery. "Now i'm wet."

The first 200 in line also won access to a meet-and-greet session with the band.

The store is now open at the corner of SW Yamhill St. and SW 3rd Ave.