Leaning tree sparks neighborhood concern in SE Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A tree leaning over a neighborhood intersection in Southeast Portland looked like it was going to fall.

Not only that, but it had pushed into power lines, and if it were to fall, would take out a transformer, too.

KATU's Mary Loos responded to the call from viewers Robert and Katherine Crawford. Looking at the tree, Katherine said, "If it falls over, there are about 50 homes here that have no way to get out."

The tree sits on private property, and the owner was not aware of the situation. A few phone calls later, PGE crews showed up to assess the tree. A private arborist contacted by KATU also took a look at the tree. Both came to the same conclusion: the tree must be cut back or removed.

Since it's a dangerous situation, crews secured the tree and got to work cutting limbs off the power lines. The homeowner will be responsible for getting the rest removed.