'Life is a puzzle': U.S. airman turns to Facebook to find his mom

SEATTLE - With just a marker, a posterboard and a photo, one man is hoping to close a huge gap in his personal history.

He's trying to unlock a 30-year-old mystery - using Facebook - and in just two days the response to help him has been overwhelming.

His story is just the beginning of a trend, as more and more people turn to social media in the hopes of answering some personal questions.

His name is Adrian McPherson, and he is on a mission. He's known for years that he was adopted - but his knowledge of his birth mother is limited. Two days ago he wrote everything he knows about her on a posterboard.

"We know that her name might possibly be Lisa, but we're not sure," he says.

His wife snapped a photo and shared the picture on Facebook.

"Hey, you know this is the time right now - before everyone starts doing it, and nobody pays attention," says McPherson.

He took action after learning a Utah woman did the very same thing - and found her birth mom in just three days.

McPherson was born in 1979 at Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington. He was adopted just five days later through an agency that has since changed hands through the years. He learned it would also be very costly to hire someone to dig through the paperwork and cut the red tape.

"I just remember knowing that I was adopted," he says.

Raised by a loving family in Oregon, he's always had questions.

"My life hasn't really been any different than anyone else - except wanting to know your roots, your background," he says.

For example, he would like to his family medical history. But more than that ...

"Our life and identity is a puzzle, and one puzzle piece is missing," he says.

Of course, there's always that chance that his birth mother doesn't want to be found.

"If she doesn't want to have anything to do with it, and just leave it behind - I'm OK with that as well," McPherson says.

Today he is a U.S. airman, a husband and father.

"I feel like she should know," he says.

His mission is to serve others. "That's fulfilling for me," he says.

And who knows - maybe he got that passion from her.

"I definitely think she would be proud," he says.

Just 48 hours after it debuted on Facebook, his picture has been shared thousands of times.

"I didn't realize that my picture would be all over the world," he says. "It is a bit overwhelming."

His photo has been shared nearly 57,000 times, garnered over 13,000 likes and spurred almost 4,000 comments.

"I had no clue it was going to blow up this big," he says. "We figure we'll go this route and see what happens ... just to be able to say thank you for the decision she made at the time."

Every click and every share breathes new hope into his mission.

"I always feel like there's a little bit missing," he says. "I hope that we can meet someday, and if it develops into a relationship then that's what I'm hoping for."

McPherson now resides in California - and says he's grateful for all the online supporters and hopes this is the key to finding his biological mother.


If you'd like to contact McPherson, send him an email at

You can view his Facebook photo here >>