Little boy gives couple award for "Best Christmas Lights in Tigard"

TIGARD, Ore. - A Tigard family set up their Christmas light show, like they do every year, to bring some cheer to the neighborhood.

This year though, they've raised the bar in holiday home decorations. A family they don't know gave them the award for "Best Christmas Lights in Tigard."

"It's just so heart-warming, and to know that you've brightened someone else's day and made it nice for someone else to enjoy," said homeowner Nancy Olson.

Her husband, Randy, has set up the holiday light show at their Errol Street home for more years than she can remember. It takes Randy three weekends to set it up; he has no idea how many lights he uses.

"I have little trees that flash, blow-ups - as you can tell, at the front door you got a soldier standing there protecting the front entry," he said.

The holiday house decorations are Randy's hobby.

"My wife always says you have enough. I always say 'I don't think so'," he said.

"But then I always give in every year and let him add more, the electric bill goes up," Nancy Olson said.

The Olson's were surprised when a family of three showed up at their door and presented Randy with the award. Nancy Olson said their names were Jeremy, Penny and, a 7-year-old boy named Miles. Miles picked the Olson's house during his own Christmas light competition. He liked the blue tree and a train, and even wrote the Olson's a poem.

"We drove and drove many a night. We found your house not far from ours. So filled with Christmas cheer and light," the poem reads.

The couple said they're used to hundreds, if not thousands, of people driving by their home every holiday season to check out their lights.

"People don't go zooming by. They go real slow," Nancy said.

Randy Olson said he wants the lights to be seen from outer space someday, and said he's not done showing his Christmas spirit.

"There's a lot of bulbs you have to replace, but other than that, I like the hoursit will probably keep on growing," he said.