Loaded weapons, gas tanks among hazards in NE Portland fire

PORTLAND, Ore. - A home went up in flames early Sunday morning and for the fire crews who responded to the call, it was a tough job to get the situation under control.

The fire happened around 3:30 a.m. at a home in the 10800 block of Northeast Prescott Street.

Fire officials say less than three minutes after crews arrived, a flashover engulfed the entire home in flames. Firefighters spent almost 20 minutes attacking the blaze from the outside before they could get inside the home.

Once inside, they found a number of hazards, including loaded weapons. There was some type of extensive remodeling happening inside the home that created a "structure within a structure," according to Battalion Chief Bob Zavodsky. There were also several gas tanks present and crews had to navigate across false floors.

A man and a dog were uninjured in the fire, but three other dogs are missing.

Fire investigators are looking into what happened.