Local drag racing boat pilot describes horrifying crash

PORTLAND, Ore. - A drag racing boat driver critically injured last week after his boat crashed on the Columbia River described for the first time Friday what happened.

"(I) hit the second gear, took off great and then all the sudden it just lifted up on me, and that's all I remember," said Trevor Olson, who ejected out of his drag racing boat with a parachute.

His boat flipped several times at speeds close to 200 miles an hour. The incident was all caught on cell phone video, which Olson didn't mind watching Friday. He was in good spirits despite suffering critical injuries and spending five days in the ICU.

"I broke my ribs so they had to put (in) a bunch of new ribs," he said.

He broke 10 ribs and now has titanium holding them together.

"New brackets, looks like I'll be stronger next time when I hit something," he joked. "It's pretty gruesome, but it don't bother me."

Once he's not so slow to get in and out of a wheelchair, he's planning to get back on a very fast boat.