Made in America: Home made entirely from US products

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. - Contractor Gerald Rowlett's latest project looks like your typical home construction site.

But there will be something very different about the final product.

Rowlett's building a house made entirely of materials that were made in the United States.

"The passion of being able to do this and excitement of everybody getting on board really was a driving factor," said Rowlett.

Rowlett and his crew accepted no substitutions. There's not even a nail from another country. Even the tools they are using to build the house, like plastic and tape, are from the U.S. They used materials made in 31 different states.

Rowlett said he got the idea from a Montana home featured on ABC World News that was made entirely from materials made in the U.S.

"When we saw the initial concept we said 'why aren't we doing this?'"

Rowlett said the process hasn't always been easy. "We couldn't just go into the hardware store and pull products off the shelves," Rowlett said.

He said it's about standing behind the unparalleled quality of the products. "We show the difference to people all the time by handing them hardware that's made in the U.S. and hardware that's made out of the country and with their eyes closed they know the difference."

Rowlett also wants to support fellow Americans who need work. Economists said if contractors could commit to using just 5 percent more goods made in the U.S. it would create approximately 220,000 jobs.

"Not every home is going to have 100 percent," said Rowlett. "If they would just add that 5 or 10 percent additional we could make a big difference."

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