Mailman helps save dog from potential house fire in West Linn

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A mailman is being called a hero after he noticed smoke inside a West Linn home.

Jared Hess was delivering mail Tuesday around 10:30 a.m. to a home on Coeur D' Alene Drive when he noticed smoke inside the residents. He called police, who quickly arrived to assess the scene. They found a metal pan on top of a gas stove that was still on, and turned off the stove before the fire started.

The residents weren't home at the time, but their dog named Scooby was. By coincidence, one of the West Linn Police officers who responded happened to be carrying doggie treats (Scooby snacks) to feed the pup and calm him down during all the commotion.

No one was injured and the home didn't sustain any major damage.

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