Major league problem for Little League merger in Taborvilla

NORTHEAST PORTLAND -- When the Montavilla Little League and the Mount Tabor Little League joined together a couple of baseball season ago, it was supposed to be a way to keep kids on the baseball field.

It did do that, but new league officers discovered they suddenly had to find a way to make up for more than $20,000 missing from the Mount Tabor accounts.

New league officers say the money had been funneled out of the league account, little by little, with forged checks and other means, for years.

They also say a former Mount Tabor treasurer and president admitted to doing it.

"I was very surprised," said new Taborvilla league president Shawna Bolles. "She's a family person; sometimes people just make bad choices. I wasn't expecting this, or expecting to have to deal with this."

Police haven't arrested or charged anyone, and detectives are still working the case.

KATU went to the former president's most recent home address and was told by a family member: "She's gone. Gone, gone, gone."

The new league officers say the money could have been used for new bleachers, new fences -- that kind of thing. Those will have to wait.

As much as making up for the lost money, which they say the former president has promised to pay back, they say the challenge is earning back the trust of their sponsors.

"They've been burned," said Barb Richardson. "And we're trying to rebuild those bridges. When we resign we want to leave with Taborvilla back in good standing in the community."