Man, 80, says driving his former car is on his bucket list

PORTLAND, Ore. - Howard Brandwein has cancer and says driving his classic 1974 2002-A BMW is on his bucket list.

But it's a wish he might not get because the car belongs to someone else.

Brandwein's life-partner of 12 years, Jeri Geblin, said the car was stolen from their barn last year by Gary Spencer, who was renting space on their property.

"The chain and the locks were gone. The doors were open on the shed where we had the car locked and the car was gone," said Geblin.

Geblin says Portland Police would not take a stolen vehicle report because Brandwein could not produce the car title. So Brandwein sued Spencer in civil court and was awarded $3,800, which is the price he paid for the car.

Geblin says Spencer went to Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and got a new title, then sold the car on craigslist to Antonio Zamora.

Recently, Brandwein found the original title and wants the police department to recover his car, which may not be possible because he already won his case in court and agreed to have Spencer pay $3,800.

"Yeah, we could go after another car but that doesn't mean we are not the victims of a crime. We were guided down the wrong path by the police department," said Geblin.

The current owner of the BMW, Tony Zamora, said he was first contacted by police on Monday, March 10. He says he would be willing to sell the car for $5,400, which is the price he paid, plus the money he's paid for repairs.