Man accused of security guard hit-run makes court appearance

PORTLAND, Ore. - The bizarre hit-and-run that left a security guard at the Rose Quarter hurt Tuesday morning has a 24-year-old man behind bars on felony charges.

Marc Lacy went before a judge Wednesday morning and said little. He faces a long list of charges, including felony hit-and-run, assault, and driving under the influence.

The judge OK'd an evaluation to determine if Lacy would be a candidate for pretrial release. Without an extensive criminal history, he can be let out of jail until he's due back in court in nine days.

Police say the security guard, Elizabeth Forcia, noticed a Ford Explorer, a closure chain on the ground and Lacy in the parking lot.

She snapped a photo of the suspect and says after being noticed, Lacy got into the Explorer, fired up the engine and sped out of the lot, clipping her as he left.

Police say he smashed into a bus shelter a block away, then took off on foot and escaped.

Officers arrested Lacy at a home in North Portland hours later.

Forcia was seriously injured after being hit by the SUV but she's already out of the hospital.