Man accused of selling bad hearing aids faces more charges

MILWAUKIE, Ore. - Police have again arrested a man on charges he sold bad hearing aids to senior citizens for thousands of dollars.

KATU viewers, in fact, helped bring the new cases against Roy Taber to light.

One of those viewers, Sharon Spencer, hoped the hearing aids she received from the charismatic, quick-talking Taber would make a difference. They did, but not in the way she hoped.

"I didn't hear better, I heard worse," Spencer said.

Her documents show she paid Taber $3,400. But under the lining of her "new" hearing aid case she discovered that it was rusty. And the sound of her husband's puttering became unbearable with the devices in her ears.

"When he would put something away, it would drive me nuts because it was so loud and scratchy," Spencer said.

As for Taber she says he disappeared with her money. She saw him next in a news story on KATU, accused of stealing money from elderly people by selling them bad hearing aids.

"I thought, well, that's nice. How could he take money from us?" Spencer said.

She and other customers contacted the KATU Problem Solvers as well as detectives. And now Taber has been indicted on five new cases - a total of 13 counts of theft.

A KATU News reporter stopped by Taber's house in Bethany to hear his side of the new charges. Someone peeked through the blinds and spoke through the door but said Taber wasn't home.

Later, Taber left the Problem Solvers a voice message: "No comment" and then "Stay the (expletive deleted) away."

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