Man accused of sexually assaulting 3 women appears in court

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police say getting the face of a man they accuse of sexually assaulting three women before the public is important for their investigation because they believe there may be more victims.

Shane Kavantzas is charged with eight felonies, including rape, sex abuse, sodomy and kidnapping and six misdemeanors for public indecency - the result of witnesses telling police they saw him fondling himself near Madison High School and along 82nd Avenue in Northeast Portland.

Police say Kavantzas approached many women along 82nd and say that's how he met the women he's accused of sexually assaulting.

Kavantzas made a short court appearance Monday and didn't enter a plea.

He appears to have recently moved to Portland. He just changed his Facebook profile last month, listing himself as a Portland resident and as the general manager of the U-Haul on Foster Road.

Most of his online activity comes from the Charlotte, N.C. area and from Florida.

Kavantzas showed off his tattoos on a dating website writing, "I am looking for someone who likes to have fun either doing outdoor activities or relaxing on the couch I am also looking for a woman who is ready for a charming, nice and real man to share life's ups and downs with."

Now he's in jail with a bail set at more than $2 million. His attorneys want him released but prosecutors plan to fight that.

Police want to hear from anyone who had a sexual encounter with him.