Man arrested twice for harassing women in Wilsonville, police say

WILSONVILLE, Ore. - Police have arrested a man twice after two incidents involving the harassment of women.

On Tuesday, May 13, police said 24-year-old Artemio Trenado Trejo took a photograph up a woman's skirt with his cellphone in a Wilsonville Rite Aid. Store employees detained him and police arrested him for harassment.

While he was taken to the Clackamas County Jail, Trejo was later released.

Earlier in the month, on May 3, a different woman reported that a man walked up to her in the Wilsonville Fred Meyer and tried aggressively talking to her.

According to police, the man continued to pursue her outside and when the woman tried to get into her car, she made it clear to the man that she was not interested in him and told him to leave.

She got into her car and locked the door.

But police said the man tried to reach into her car through the partially open window. The woman rolled up her window on the man's hand, forcing him to withdraw it. The woman then drove away.

The day after police arrested Trejo for the first incident, a deputy made a connection between the two incidents after seeing surveillance pictures of the suspect inside the Fred Meyer.

Police then went to Trejo's place of work and arrested him for unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and harassment.

Police said they are concerned there may be other victims. Anyone who has more information should contact the non-emergency dispatch at 503-655-8211.