Man cuts himself with machete during SE Portland fight

PORTLAND, Ore. - Two neighbors got into a fight at a Southeast Portland apartment complex Wednesday when one of them cut himself with a machete.

Several witnesses watched as the two men fought in the courtyard of the Surrey Square Apartments on Southeast 162nd Avenue near East Burnside.

Witnesses say one man had a machete and the other man had a homemade weapon of a blade attached to a bamboo stick.

They say the man with the machete got cut along his neck by his own weapon.

"The dude just stepped back and whack and hit him, and when he hit him he spun around clockwise and landed on the blade. That's why he got cut," said witness Wilbert Reed.

"I drove over here to make sure my kids were all right, and I saw the guy walking toward the store, and then he collapsed on the ground and there was blood everywhere," said Ken Mastne. "That injury to the side of his head was gushing blood."

Both men were treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.