Man frustrated car broken into three times in the same place

PORTLAND, Ore. - You don't have to talk with Ryan Hostetter for more than a few minutes, before you hear just how frustrated he is.

"I'd just like to park and just see who's getting in because they're not getting anything," says Ryan, "They're just messing up the car."

Ryan says the last straw happened Monday.

"My wife comes out to the vehicle and sees that, low and behold, for the third time in a matter of a couple weeks, they had broken into the car," he says.

This time the car prowlers used something to pry out the car's back window. The time before that they pulled down on the slightly opened driver's side window.

Ryan explains how they did it, saying, "If you leave your window ever cracked a little bit, they can get their fingers in there with enough leverage, they can just fight it open without breaking the window."

That window still doesn't close all the way.

Police say that if you want to drop off stuff at your car while you're shopping, make sure it's put away out of sight. That makes it less tempting for car prowlers.

The Hostetter's didn't leave anything in their car. Ryan's wife doesn't have much choice but to park at Lloyd Center Mall. She works there.

Each time his car was hit, Ryan says nearby cars have been hit too.

"The last time it was another employee that she works with, actually was sitting on the curb, on the phone with her insurance company, because her window was busted out," he says.

Ryan's filed reports with police and mall security. KATU drove up and down through the parking garage where the car prowls happened and didn't see a single security patrol.

Ryan Hostetter says he came to KATU's On Your Side Investigators just to get the word out about the rash of car prowls.

"I don't know what other route to do," says Ryan. "And I wanted to contact you guys 'cause I've seen your shows, and I know you guys address it. And they obviously weren't."

Lloyd Center Mall management did not return several messages left for them Tuesday afternoon.

Nearly 200 cars were broken into at the Lloyd Center in the past year in and around the mall.

Criminals traditionally target parked cars in areas like the Lloyd Center, especially during the holiday season, knowing shoppers might stash their purchases in their cars while they continue shopping - just so they don't have to carry them around.

The CrimeMapper website shows there were more than 50 break-ins inside the mall parking during the past year.