Man rescues people in horrific car crash; doesn't think he's a hero

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Portland man doesn't think he's a hero, even after he witnessed a horrific car crash and stopped his own car to help the people inside.

It happened around 8:30 a.m. on Monday.

Steve Frame was driving east on Interstate 84. He told KATU News that when he got to the merge with Interstate 205, he looked to his right and noticed a car rolling down the embankment next to the Halsey St. (Exit 7) off-ramp. That car landed on its top with two people inside.

Frame pulled his car over to the side of the interstate, jumped over a concrete wall to help the people get out of the crashed car, and called 911. Frame said he didn't expect the people inside of the car to be okay because the car rolled several times before it landed upside down.

Portland Police and Portland Fire and Rescue responded to the scene, but neither victim was taken to the hospital.

KATU News reporter Hillary Lake tracked down the driver of the car that crashed. He said he didn't want publicity about what happened, but thanked Frame for stopping.

The driver said his sister was the passenger with him. Both of them walked away from the crash with only some minor cuts; they were sore later in the day.

Frame said he doesn't consider himself a hero for helping people he doesn't know.

"It doesn't fall into my classification of hero. Courage just doing what one should do under ordinary, or extraordinary circumstances, is what we all should do," Frame said.