Man's home ransacked, spray-painted with death threats and anti-Muslim graffiti

Hasel Afshar inside his vandalized home (KATU News photo)

Hasel Afshar came home Tuesday night after a short trip to find his house ransacked and damaged, and some walls covered with anti-Muslim statements.

"It hurt," said Afshar. "It hurts my feelings really bad. But I have to be strong and do what I can do, really. I can just sit there and cry and nothing gonna be fixed."

Multnomah County sheriff's deputies were sent to Afshar's Troutdale home on SE 26th Court for a burglary. Inside, they found the home completely ransacked and many of Afshar's belongings damaged.

Afshar's furniture was slashed, his cupboards were broken and death threats were left behind.

"The note said, 'If I see you here next month, I will shoot you and burn your house," said Afshar.

The perpetrators also left several bullet cartridges in the shape of a cross.

Deputies say the messages left are consistent with an intimidation/bias crime. Afshar told KATU he's not even Muslim -- he belongs to the Baha'i faith.

Neighbor K.C. Culver's known Afshar ever since he moved into the neighborhood and can't believe what someone did.

"How can you do that to anybody for any reason is beyond me. It’s just an illness that needs to be dealt with," said Culver.

No one has been arrested. If you have information, call Detective Greg Vining at (503) 988-0362.

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