Man's wheels, tires stolen for 2nd time: 'It's starting to feel a little personal'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Jay Derderian was a little late to work Wednesday morning, but he had a good excuse.

He couldn't believe his eyes. Someone had the guts to steal all four of his tires and wheels right off his car.

What's worse, it happened just a few feet from his apartment near 66th Avenue and Southeast Division, and he has dozens of neighbors who could have seen it all out their windows.

"It seems like they came in with a mission. They really came in knowing what they were doing and came in prepared," Derderian said.

The thieves used custom blocks to prop up the car as they worked on the tires and wheels, and no one heard a thing.

To add insult to injury, this all comes less than a year after his car was stolen from this same lot.

It was found a few hours later but it was missing all four of his tires and wheels.

"It's starting to feel a little personal at this point," Derderian said.

Derderian is just the latest victim in a growing trend. Police say they've worked 1,496 cases of car-related theft in just the past three months, that's 61 more than the same time last year.

But Derderian is refusing to just be another victim, he's turning to social media to help warn others.

"I just hope more people will be aware this stuff is happening and will take extra precautions to protect themselves," Derderian said.