Manufactured home teeters off semi, tangles I-205 bridge traffic

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A manufactured home teetered from a semi truck Thursday afternoon on Interstate 205, closing a portion of the I-205 bridge.

At noon, Washington Department of Transportation officials were advising drivers to expect major delays southbound from Vancouver to Portland in the afternoon.

At 12:30 p.m., crews had closed the I-205 bridge to all trucks carrying oversized loads due to high winds. The right lanes of the bridge were briefly closed to all traffic.

Folks at the WDOT said they couldn't remember the last time they had to ban oversized loads from the bridge because of high winds. The restriction was later lifted.

Portland Fire and Rescue spokesman Rich Chatman said no one was hurt.

Multnomah County River Patrol temporarily shut down water traffic beneath the bridge.

A truck carrying a crane arrived to pull the home off the guardrail and escort the semi off the bridge. The truck was off the bridge by 1 p.m.