Masked suspects tie up, rob family in Eagle Creek home

EAGLE CREEK, Ore. - Five masked suspects broke into an Eagle Creek home, tied up the homeowner and his family, and stole several expensive items early Friday morning, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said.

It happened in the 22500 block of Southeast Van Curen Road. Deputies were called to the home just after 2 a.m.

The homeowner, Charles Gardner, told investigators that the suspects were wearing masks and gloves. He said they were claiming to be police officers.

The suspects used flexible ties to tie Gardner up, along with his granddaughter and her two sons, while they stole guns, cash and other expensive items. Gardner said one of the suspects pointed a gun at his granddaughter's head.

"My hands were zip-tied and I put my hands over my son and I turned my body in front of him to protect him and told him how sorry I was," she said.

The suspects appeared to be Latino, according to Gardner. One of them spoke "broken English," he said.

Gardner said he started faking a heart attack to distract the suspects.

"I started screaming 'I'm having a heart attack, I'm going to die!'" Gardner said.

The suspects were in Gardner's home for about two hours, he said.

Gardner said he's convinced the suspects know him somehow, because they knew where he hid cash inside his house. They also stole his guns and raided his coin collection, he said.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call the sheriff's office tip line at 503-723-4949.