Mayor Wheeler issues bureaus to commissioners, keeps several key assignments

Mayor Ted Wheeler walks down MLK Jr. Blvd. on Saturday, June 10, joining thousands of other Portlanders for the annual Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade . (KATU Photo - Tristan Fortsch)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Mayor Ted Wheeler announced bureau assignments Thursday for the Portland city commissioners.

The commissioners were given temporary bureau assignments earlier this year, which the mayor reassumed ahead of the city’s budget decision.

The trial run helped the mayor’s office gather feedback ahead of the more permanent assignments issued Thursday.

Wheeler retained oversight of several key bureaus, including Portland Police and the Portland Housing Bureau.

The mayor also kept one of the most anticipated assignments - the Bureau of Emergency Communication (BOEC). It follows a report released last week that shows BOEC had been underreporting 9-1-1 wait times for more than a decade.

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Below is a breakdown of the assignments by commissioner:

Mayor Wheeler

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Portland Housing Bureau
  • Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
  • Office of Equity and Human Rights
  • Portland Bureau of Emergency Management
  • Bureau of Emergency Communications
  • City Budget Office
  • City Attorney
  • Government Relations
  • Office of Management & Finance
  • Prosper Portland
  • Travel Portland
  • Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization – Policy Committee
  • Home Forward
  • A Home For Everyone (with Commissioner Eudaly)
  • Local Public Safety Coordinating Council
  • Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission
  • Portland Community Media
  • Human Rights Commission
  • BOEC User Board

Commissioner Eudaly

  • Office of Neighborhood Involvement
  • Bureau of Development Services
  • A Home For Everyone (with Mayor Wheeler)
  • Public Involvement Advisory Committee
  • New Portlanders Policy Council
  • Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC)
  • Multnomah County Animal Control
  • Portland Commission on Disability
  • Multnomah Youth Commission

Commissioner Fish

  • Bureau of Environmental Services
  • Portland Water Bureau
  • Bureau of Hydroelectric Power
  • Regional Arts & Culture Council
  • Rose Festival Foundation
  • Royal Rosarians
  • Venture Portland
  • Portland’5 Centers for the Arts
  • Metropolitan Exposition and Recreation Commission (MERC)
  • Visitor Development Fund Board (VDF Board)
  • Elders in Action
  • Portland Utility Board (PUB)

Commissioner Fritz

  • Portland Parks & Recreation
  • League of Oregon Cities (with Mayor Wheeler)
  • Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC)
  • Visitor Development Fund Board (VDF Board)
  • Portland Parks Foundation

Commissioner Satlzman

  • Portland Fire & Rescue
  • Portland Bureau of Transportation
  • Fire & Police Disability & Retirement
  • Portland Streetcar, Inc.
  • Portland Mall Management, Inc.
  • Multnomah County Animal Control
  • Portland Commission on Disability
  • Multnomah Youth Commission
  • Portland Aerial Tram Board
  • Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT)

Oversight Responsibilities

  • Portland Children’s Levy
  • The Gateway Center
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