McMinnville bar beating was self defense, man says

MCMINNVILLE, Ore. - Brandon "Bam" Paholio is defending his reputation after he punched a man in self-defense outside a McMinnville bar.

He maintains the punch, which resulted in Andrew Agcaoili's death, was in self defense. Yamhill County prosecutors said that's possible and the reason they didn't file criminal charges.

After suffering the blow, Agcaoili hit his head on the concrete. He died two days later.

Supporters have rallied around Paholio after rumors have swirled about the bar fight in June outside the Cabana Club that Paholio is a mixed martial artist and should have known better.

But Paholio's friend said that's just one of the many things about the case that folks have wrong.

"One: Bam is not a MMA fighter, never has. Never even wrestled in high school," said friend Brandon Hall.

Instead, he believes Paholio threw a defensive punch after the fight started.

"Bam hasn't been in any fights his whole life and I believe that night when Andrew squared off with him and made obscene gestures and threw his hands up, I believe Bam felt the need he was to defend himself," Hall said.

Kathie Byers, who knows Paholio through her local youth center, agrees. She said the magnitude of what happened isn't lost on her.

"We are so sorry that Andrew's family and friends, the people who love him, are suffering this loss," she said.

Hall said he's certain Paholio is contrite about the death.

"I know he's completely remorseful and sorrowful and if he could do anything in his life, change anything that happened in his whole entire life, he would change that night," Hall said.

Paholio wouldn't talk on camera, but did send us a statement: "I 100 percent understand where Andrew's family is coming from. I feel extremely terrible about what happened and would honestly give my life for his. I'm not a murderer or a bad person. I just want everyone to know that."